Domestic Money Transfer API

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cross border money transfer Domestic Money Transfer API offer quick safe and reliable money transfer options across the country. This is wallet to bank transfer where IWT offers domestic money transfer services to our mobile recharge software clients and also for API clients. Money Transfers allows you to send money instantly 24 x 7 x 365 to any IMPS supported banks in India. Receiver will get the money credited into their bank account within 5 -10 seconds.

Domestic Money Transfer API provided by IWT is easy to integrate in any platform where Retailers get best benefits as well as administration can also earn mass profit on each transaction. We offer lowest transaction charges in money transfer service. Start offering money transfer services through the very same “Wallet” and boost your outlet footfall and income.

Domestic Money Transfer API Flow

First Time Registration (Sender/Receiver)

  • Sender walks into any nearby DMR outlets
  • Provide basic details for online Registration/IWT Wallet Creation
  • Receives SMS confirmation upon registration along with Wallet details and  activation pin (OTP)
  • Shares the pin with IWT-DMR Operators and upon validating, sender accounts get registered and activated
  • Recharge the Wallet by paying Cash to Retailer, which will be used for money transfer
  • Then Sender needs to provide details of Receiver in the same fashion as sender registration process and upon activation, he is ready to send money to Receiver
  • DMR outlet operator select registered receiver under Sender’s Receivers list and chooses the payment mode
  • (IMPS/NEFT) and enters the amount to be sent.
  • Confirmation through SMS to Sender upon payment
  • Receipt printed and Given to Sender

Related Synonyms
Tatkal Money Transfer, Instant Money Transfer, Domestic Money Transfer, IMPS Fund Transfer API

About IWT Group

We are leading digital payment system develper working since 2007 to excel the industry with more secure payment solutions including electronic voucher distribution softwre, voucher management syste, mobile payment system like M-Paisa, Airtel Money and Unified payment Interface. Our Telecom VAS systems includes content distribution and subscription system, Game portal, news portal and kidz zone.

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Contact to our sales super heroes to discuss your requirements for mobile payment systems and telecom VAS. call us or Whatsapp at +91-9928366889

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