Electronic Voucher Management System

Voucher Management system is also known as Electronic voucher distribution software or EVD Software. The electronic voucher management system is a complete solution for voucher management and voucher distribution using the POS terminal. MoboGage, an IWT group enterprise offers the best electronic voucher management system with world-class security and ease of doing business with stand-alone features and services.

Our platforms currently include distribution of vouchers, airtime distribution, Digital wallet payments and telecom vas platforms and mobile money services.

EVD software or voucher distribution software is a great solution to start the distribution of physical vouchers via M-POS and mobile apps.

MoboEVD is a feature-rich voucher distribution software that gives your solution for all your existing POS management platforms. Electronic voucher management for telecom companies and also for international vouchers including Apple iTunes, Google play, PUBG, Play Station etc.

EVD is known as electronic voucher distribution software which help to distribute vouchers using pos terminal and mobile app

Mobile top-up software is an extension to voucher distribution using recharge api support and mobile wallet management system.

IWT offers out of the box telecom vas services with a wide range of applications from mobile money to voucher management system with dealer network management.

A complete 360-degree mobile payment system with prepaid voucher distribution system

Voucher Management System For EVD

A robust and high-quality cloud interface to deploy instant mobile wallet system with Etopup, electronic voucher distribution and mobile money to send and receive money from any account. All these services are deployed over the scalable cloud with POS and mobile app for android and IOS.

Mobile wallet software with Merchant payment, QR Code, Payment Gateway and Unified payment solution

#1 Mobile Wallet Management Software

MOBOPAY - A perfect solution for Digital voucher management and Airtime Distribution

Voucher Management Software with Bulk Order and Easy API process

Experience the most flexible mobile wallet software with the voucher management system and forget all hassles of Internet disconnection, SMS compatibility issues or USSD connectivity.  IWT offers the most powerful the Incredible EVD Software suite with the omnichannel connectivity of SMSC, USSD, and Web over a single mobile wallet software. In the past 12 years, we have deployed all kinds of wallet software including electronic voucher distribution with a mobile wallet, Mobile money transfer, e-recharge software, multi recharge system with multiple carriers or operator etopup, POS applications, KIOSK development, mobile app development for mobile wallet and much more in M-wallet universe.

robust connectivity for SMSC and USSD for voucher distribution system deployment at remote areas.

Seamless integration of all mobile payment services on a web platforms and dynamic content delivery for POS and mobile apps.

Automated sales and inventory sync over POS and mobile apps as encrypted key token handshake with web terminals.

Most secured electronic wallet to manage customer leadger and their profit loss accounts in easy to explain reporting and day summary.

Mobile payment system which supports multiple point of sale terminals including Android, Linux pos terminals, Windows kiosk, and Bluetooth printers.

Stay connected with your hand sellers, dealers and customers with end of end notifications including SMS, email and app notifications.

Finger print authenticated payments which used to deposit and withdrawal in any account known as AEPS.

Merchant Payment System works like an effective addon with mobile wallet software and the mobile payment terminal.

Mobile Money Terminal helps to send money and request money from any account using UPI payment system.

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