Voucher Management System

A completely personalized voucher management software for telecom vas as well as for dealer distribution network. A voucher management system helps to generate secured vouchers in the system for any associated rule. Voucher Generation is highly secure with admin defined rules and encryption tech.

IWT offer feature-rich platform for telecom companies, Gift card companies and loyalty reward platform providers to manage their telecom vouchers or gift cards using this voucher management software. Companies can generate customized quantity and distribute them in their business network.

Voucher Distribution System

Electronic Voucher Distribution software is most intresting wrapper on mobile wallet software. EVD systems helps you to distribute e-vouchers using pos terminals. These are also knows as pre-paid Airtime distribution system. IWT deliver most advanced features for voucher management and voucher management for EVD software.

Gift Card Distribution System

Using Voucher Management System you can configure multiple companies gift cards. With voucher distribution API, System delivers state of the art flexibility and security for merchants voucher distribution. Gift card distribution system also manage sales, profit and merchant wallet reporting.

Voucher Management System (VMS) offers total control on distribution system from initial commission configuration to bonus and reward configuration based on sales rules. Zonal distribution is also managed with different batch numbers. Return of stock is also managed in backend voucher inventory.

IWT is a leading mobile wallet software for all customised needs in mobile payment terminals. We have deployed solutions with NFC temrinals, bio-metric authentication systems for digital payments.Voucher distribution software on andorid and linux based kiosk. Etopup software to send airtime credits aroud the world. Engage customers with exceptional digital payment experiences, all within a single wallet.

Voucher Management System

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Voucher Distribution System

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