Calling Card Software

IWT is leading solution provider for Calling Card System. Calling card software is compatible with airtime top-up software and electronic voucher distribution software also. Calling Card System has been designed to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of physical voucher distribution.

International calling card software includes product creation through to PIN generation, voucher upload, Inventory management, dealer distribution, and finally, redemption.
Calling Card System by IWT includes leading calling card and pinless calling card providers like Raza Pinless calling cards, New Pin platform, Ding Mobile top-up and voucher distribution.  Calling Card Software with International Mobile Topup Up software can also integrate with Mobile Topup, Internation Mobile Topup, Voucher Distribution, and Pinless Calling Software.

Easy to Import Calling Cards

Admin Inventory

User POS and Mobile App

Who can use Calling Card Software?

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
  • Mobile Network Operators (MNO)
  • Telecommunication Company
  • Utility providers and suppliers such as Electricity, Gas, and Water
  • Dealer Distributor Network for Multi Recharge Business
  • B2B Business providers for mobile top-up and voucher distribution companies.

Mobile Payments is fastest growing business segment today and it’s a right time to push our efforts for International Mobile Topup and electronic wallet management software. Mobile Recharge Software and voucher distribution is a common need along with Mobile Money Transfer platform

Add-On Compatibility with Calling Card Software

  • Airtime Top-up
  • Prepaid Electricity
  • Prepaid Gas
  • Prepaid Water
  • Prepaid Subscription TV
Effective Copyrighting
  • Prepaid Mobile
  • Prepaid Internet
  • Prepaid VOIP
  • Gift Cards


MoboSpace services are backed by a stringent Service Level Agreement which guarantees our customers


99.9% service availability


100% accuracy in transaction processing, based on configuration done by the customer


Email alerts & escalations


SLA excludes network related problems

MoboSpace Benefits

MoboSpace M-Wallet mobile payment solution enables you to distribute e-Vouchers, E-Topup and other payment solutions in your market with robust technology platform, smoth business operations and round the clock support. The key benefits of MoboSpace e-Voucher distribution system are:

Benefits Faq's


  • Ready resource libraries for Easy & fast deployment of any mobile payment platform.
  • Pay As You Go and Grow model helps you to reduce upfront costs & stable technology helps you to reduce running costs
  • Fully Managed end to end mobile topup software and electronic voucher distribution system includes hosted platform with the required infrastructure including Hardware, Software, Database, Operating System Licenses and Network components, 24×7 monitoring and technical support, on line reports.
  • Flexible and Scalable platform to manage your User type and commission structure.
  • No restriction of volumes of traffic and transactions.


  • Everyone wants to be top of the search results, but you have to deserve to be there.
  • We work closely with you to understand your unique businesses challenges & objectives.
  • Creating compelling & valuable content, both onsite & distributing it through a variety of online channels.

100% Uptime

From the shortest cord to the largest server, every component in the IWT Mobile Payment Solution infrastructure has a backup. And IWT's platforms have been tested by billions of Transactions since 2007. Together, this fanatical attention to eliminating single points of failure along with the maturity and stability of our platforms results in a non-stop service which we proudly stand behind with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Disaster Recovery

Behind our cloud services run three data centers, each built to the same high standards for security, fault-tolerance, and scalability. If your application must withstand anything Mother Nature, mayhem, or mistakes may bring, you can count on Plum Voice for the disaster recovery solutions you need.


IWT Mobile Payment Solution actively secures and protects your application and data from digital, physical, and social intrusion vectors. Our highly secured operation stops intruders at the firewall, at the door, and over the phone.


Whether you expect a thousands mobile recharge or payment transactions per day or a million transactions per month, our infrastructure will scale with your mobile payment application letting you focus on taking care of your customers.

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