Electronic voucher distribution software

Electronic Voucher Distribution or EVD is the means of distributing value into electronic wallet (E-Wallet) and prepaid vouchers electronically using a central server and a portable Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction terminal at the retail outlet. Electronic Voucher Distribution software can be accessible through any mobile top up software platform via web connectivity, USSD Gateway, SMSC and Android Platforms.

Electronic Voucher Distribution System (also known as Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution , EVD, E-Voucher Distribution System, PIN Voucher, Airtime Top-up) has become an essential tool of mobile top up  for the emerging markets and truly the unbanked areas in the globe.
With IWT’s ERS 3.4 G  It becomes easy to manage fully scalable mobile financial services software platform that integrates with telecom company’s systems, banking infrastructure etc.

The ERS 3.4 G  of IWT is an innovative solution designed to facilitate the distribution of prepaid mobile vouchers, Prepaid Gas / Electricity cards, PIN-less and Pin Based recharge through a chain of POS terminals, SMS and Ussd Gateway, Online Platform etc through secured and robust Electronic Voucher Distribution Software .

ERS 3.4 G is a real-time software solution that provides retailers’ with an ability to recharge End user accounts by specified amount, at any time anywhere. Through this method of top-up, the operator can maintain control over the top-up denominations while still benefiting from an electronic distribution system.

Electronic voucher distribution software

You Will Love The Features

  • Customized Electronic Voucher Distribution System With flexible business plan management
  • USSD & SMS Based Mobile Top Up Software
  • B2B & B2C Operations under one software
  • Extensions for Travel solutions
  • E-Commerce Platform Extension
  • CMS driven website
  • Compatible for SEO
  • Android & Iphone Application For Mobile Recharge
  • Online Mobile Recharge Software
  • Payment Gateway Integration For Credit card & Debit Card payments
  • Electronic Voucher Distribution platform with E-PIN extension
  • Import Operator Pin
  • Generate Multi Recharge PIN card
  • Integration With GSM modem
  • Interactive Web application with user friendly platform.
  • deployment of Point of Sale (POS) device for E-Pin print
  • Single Window application development with all possible provisions

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