Airtime Distribution Software

Airtime Distribution Software is widely used Credit voucher software for mobile payments across the globe. IWT offers MPOS platform for airtime distribution software with complete inventory and business management platform. This software can be used for electronic voucher distribution software. E-Recharge Suite platform by IWT is highly robust and scalable platform which manages complete airtime distribution business.

Features of Airtime Distribution Software

  • B2B Business Management For Retailer Distributor Network Management
  • B2C Business Platform for Mobile Wallet Management for director customer using MPOS
  • Electronic Voucher Distribution
  • Credit Voucher Distribution
  • Order Management
  • Stock and Inventory management
  • API integration for Voucher distribution and Airtime purchase
  • Android POS and Linux Based POS
  • Integration of Receipt
  • Wallet Management
  • Plans and Commission Distribution
  • Support to multiple currency

Other Applications by IWT